Reasons for Having to Hide a Marriage Application

marriage application

For a pair of lovers who are serious about their kinship to the level of marriage, the procession of applications is awaited event. How not, this procession is the first step towards a happy day. Not only that, the proposal is also considered as a strap for the couple before approaching the household mahligai.

Most couples often announce their application processions in the form of documentation which is then uploaded on social media. The goal is indeed good, one of which is to share happiness with others, good relatives or dear friends. However, keeping the application procession a secret also does not hurt, whereas it is different from the tradition that is commonly carried out by our society. This is partly the reason for consideration.

1. He who proposes or the person you are proposing has not officially become your life partner. A proposal is just a start to marriage
As indicated earlier, the application procession is the initial stage to get to the level of marriage. A pair of lovers who are united through the bond of engagement and engagement cannot yet be expressed as an official couple. Application is just a symbol that couples not only bind themselves to each other, but also unite goals with each family. Without harming the nature of the application, this has not been able to change the status of a partner to be official. No wonder this application is addressed so that each pair limits steadfastness to the level of marriage later.


2. Instead of informing about happy information, do not let the announcement of this application create other envious people let alone hurt
The goal is indeed good, is to hope to share happy events so that other people also feel it. But it needs to be understood that there are some people who are sensitive and fragile in heart, including when they get to know happy information from you. It could be that these people have a bitter experience relating to the application procession – which then leaves him vulnerable when he hears all about the application procession. Now, to safeguard the feelings of others and reduce the uncomfortable responses out there, keeping the application procession a secret is considered a wise enough step.

3. You do not need to prepare a magnificent application event, anyway the cost is better set aside for marriage rates
Some of the application programs, especially those that are followed by engagement, certainly need careful preparation so that they can run as desired. Even though you will only invite all family and close friends to attend, but just be consistent you need to spend enough to reduce marital savings. Planning to not inform peminangan information will certainly adjust the event being held, is more simple and minimal pomp.

4. Keeping the application procession a secret is also addressed to surprise others. Eh, suddenly I just gave an invitation ~
There is nothing wrong with it, you give a surprise to other people too, one of them is by not informing you about the application procession. Without a lot of ba-bi-bu, other people are not only surprised by the arrival of your marriage information, but also prevent them from spreading excessive discussion in front of the public. Make everything simple without adventures, because marriage information is certainly more happy than running a proposal procession.

5. Anticipating the occurrence of things that are not expected such as the failure of marriage, such as
Of course you have heard the sad information that a couple who has gone through an application procession is known to fail to proceed to the level of marriage. Well, keeping the application procession aside from being known by the closest relatives is addressed to anticipate the effects of this kind of incident. If this marriage fails or is canceled, while many other people who have known the proposal for marriage, it is feared that it will hurt feelings and harm the good name concerned. This is risky, and therefore needs to be considered.

does not expect to influence or advise anyone not to inform the application procession to many people. This paper only provides another perspective relating to the preaching of the application procession. Decisions consistently return to the individual who carries out. If it has been established without any lumps in it, the official share happiness with many people. But if there are still concerns, so do not force yourself to inform this application to the public space. May all parties be happy, yes!

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